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Portasol Gas Dehorner III Kit #1

Portasol Gas Dehorner III Kit #1

Portasol Gas Dehorner III Kit #1
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* 1 10 oz. can quadruple filtered butane fuel

*Cleaning Wire Brush

*Wrench to Loosen Hex Nut to Rotate Cover (for manual ignition)

*Allen Wrench to Remove Dehorning Tips

*1 MS Hex Nut (spare)

*1 Allen Grub Screw 2.5mm (spare)

*1 Jet/Venturi Assembly with O-Ring

*1 Ceramic Ignition Assembly

*1 Ceramic Protection Sleeve

*4 Screws with Lock Washers

*1 5/8" Dehorning Tip


*This kit must be shipped via UPS ground because it includes the butane gas

The Dehorner III offers the best solution in the market today. It is the newest in our line of self igniting, cordless butane gas powered dehorners from Portasol. This gas dehorner features self-ignition at the flick of a switch (refer to instructions before use).

Lighting the first time every time in windy conditions or at high altitudes, it is the most powerful Portasol Gas Dehorner to date with 225 watts of equivalent heat. It takes only 4 minutes to heat up and it can be used continuously for 45 minutes at mid temperature setting with one butane fill (25 minutes at maximum temperature; remember it takes one minute to recharge!).
Working temperature is adjustable up to 650°C, (1200°F).

The Dehorner III is the perfect tool for dehorning herds of young calves 3-8 weeks old. It is also suitable for goats using the 5/8" tip.
Removing the pre-emergent buds (debudding) is the most humane and efficient way to eliminate horn tissue in calves and goats. This method of dehorning simultaneously kills horn growth and controls bleeding by cauterizing the blood vessels while minimizing potential infection.

The Portasol Gas Dehorner III is well designed with a stainless steel body which can withstand many years of use. It also features a comfortable grip and a hand guard stand to keep the hot tip from touching other surfaces.

Designed for and by farmers and veterinary surgeons, the Portasol III makes it possible to dehorn and debud anywhere, in the field, in the pen and in the barn.

The Dehorner III comes with a 15mm (5/8”) tip or as an option, an 18.5mm (¾”) tip, a wire brush for cleaning, wrench to loosen hex nut to rotate cover (for manuel ignition), an allen wrench to remove dehorning tips, and 1 spare hex nut (spare), 1 allen grub screw 2.5mm (spare) all in a heavy plastic storage case with multi-lingual instructions.

It is a must for easier and safe dehorning eliminating the inconvenience of trailing leads or pipes!


• Cordless, compact, ergonomic with complete portability, no tanks, no cords, no pipes.

• Butane gas powered, catalytic combustion with no naked flame.

• Burns specific horn area with no risk of burning user or animal.

• Self igniting push button ignition for ease and convenience.

• Temperature regulator adjustable to 225 Watts (equivalent power).

• Extra wide tip for later dehorning available.


Length 238mm

Weight 330gr

Operating Time 45mins

Tip Temperature 650°C Max

Refill Time 20 seconds

Gas Type Butane Lighter Fuel quadruple filtered is recommended

Tip Selection: 2

Fitted Ignitor click to ignite and now added optional manual ignition

Temperature Adjustable Yes

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